Lehr & Erprobungskommando 21


Formed 9.42 in Garz/Usedom with Do 217K and He 111H (2 staffeln), to test the new Fritz X glidebomb.

In 1.43 parts of Ekdo 21 moved to Morosovskaja, and was absorbed by KGrzbV 5 on 20.1.43.

Reorganised 1.43 now with 4 staffeln, now only with Do 217K-2/Fritz X, and known as Kampfgruppe 21:

On 29.4.43 redesignated III./KG100:

Stab/KGr.21 became Stab III./KG100
1./KGr.21 became 7./KG100
2./KGr.21 became 8./KG100
3./KGr.21 became 9./KG100
4./KGr.21 became 13./KG100


9.42 - 12.42 Garz Do 217K, He 111H
12.42 - 4.43 Schwäbisch Hall Do 217K


1997-2003 Michael Holm