Kampfgeschwader 40



Formed in 7.40 at Bordeaux-Merignac. On 22.12.40 redesignated Stab/KG28.

Reformed 1.4.41 at Bordeaux-Merignac. In October 1944 transferred to Germany, and was to begin conversion to Me 262 fighters. Disbanded 2.2.45.


I. Gruppe:


1./KG40 was formed 1.11.39 at Bremen with Fw 200C bombers. Stab I. and 2./KG40 was formed 1.5.40, and 3./KG40 on 1.6.40.

In 9.40 3./KG40 became Ausb.Sta./KG40, and was reformed. In 6.42 2./KG40 and 7./KG40 exchanged designations.

In early 1.43 1. and 3./KG40 moved to Stalino as KGrzbV 200 (to transport supplies to Stalingrad). Both staffeln would later be united as the new 8./KG40. A new 1. and 3./KG40 began forming in Fassberg with He 177 bombers from 1.43.

In 12.43 2./KG40 and 8./KG40 exchanged designations.

Was to begin conversion to Me 262 fighters in 10.44. Disbanded 2.2.45.


* part of the unit at Heraklion and Eleusis (X. Fliegerkorps) 8.41 - 9.41.

** In 11.43 2./KG40 in Trondheim-Vaernes with Fw 200C, moved to Germany and was disbanded. A new 2./KG40 was formed from 8./KG40 with He 177. The 3./KG40 moved to Trondheim-Vaernes in 11.43, probably still with Fw 200C. 3./KG40 remained in Norway (Trondheim), until joined by the rest of the Gruppe in 7.44.

*** Only 1./KG40 and about half of 2./KG40 moved to Chateaudun.

II. Gruppe:


4./KG40 was formed 1.1.41 with He 111 bombers, while the rest of the Gruppe was formed 1.5.41 at Lüneburg, with Do 217:

Stab II./KG40 new
5./KG40 new
6./KG40 new

In late 5.43 began conversion to Me 410 destroyers. In 6.43 redesignated V./KG2:

Stab II./KG40 became Stab V./KG2
4./KG40 became 14./KG2
5./KG40 became 15./KG2
6./KG40 became 5./KG2

Reformed 25.10.43 at Burg-Magdeburg from I./KG50 with:

Stab II./KG40 from Stab I./KG50
4./KG40 from 1./KG50
5./KG40 from 2./KG50
6./KG40 from 3./KG50

and moved to Bordeaux-Merignac. Conducted training missions at Graz with Hs 293 missiles. Was to begin conversion to Me 262 fighters in 10.44. Disbanded 2.2.45.


* 4./KG40 at Toulouse-Blagnac, 14.6 - 16.6.44; 6./KG40 at Tarbes, 14.6 - 20.6.44

III. Gruppe:


Formed 24.3.41 at Brest-Lanveoc from I./KG1 with:

Stab III./KG40 from Stab I./KG1
7./KG40 from 1./KG1
8./KG40 from 2./KG1
9./KG40 from 3./KG1

12.41 - 5.42 converted to Fw 200C bombers, beginning with the 7. staffel.

In 6.42 7./KG40 and 2./KG40 exchanged designations.

In 2.43 a new 8./KG40 was formed from 1. and 3./KG40. In 12.43 8./KG40 and 2./KG40 exchanged designations.

Was to begin conversion to Me 262 fighters in 9.44. In 10.44 8./KG40 became Transport Staffel Condor. III./KG40 was disbanded 2.2.45.


* 9./KG40 at Rennes in 4.42. The 9./KG40 was stationed at Soesterberg during Operation Cerberus 2.42. Between 10.42 and 2.43 9./KG40 operated in the Mediterranean, flying supplies to Afrika, first between Crete and Tobruk, and later between Lecce and Tunisia. Apparently also 7./KG40 flew some of these missions. From 3.43 8./KG40 began conversion to He 177 at Fassberg, while 7./KG40 was based at Cognac and 9./KG40 at Bordeaux-Merignac.

** Part of the Gruppe was based at Avord, 2.44 - 3.44; 7./KG40 at St. Jean d'Angely, 2.44 - 7.44.

IV. (Erg.) Gruppe:


Ausbildungsstaffel/KG40 was formed 19.3.40 at Lüneburg from 3./KG40. On 22.12.40 redesignated Ergänzungsstaffel/KG28.

Erg.Sta./KG40 was formed 15.4.41 in Lüneburg, and on 1.9.41 became Stab IV./KG40, now at Lechfeld:

Stab IV./KG40 from Erg.Sta./KG40
10./KG40 new
11./KG40 new
12./KG40 new

On 20.5.42 10./KG40 became 15./KG40, and was reformed 6.42.

17./KG40 was formed 17.9.43 in Brandenburg-Briest from 4.(Erg.)/KG50.

On 1.11.43 10./KG40 became 3./Erg.Zerst.Gr., and IV./KG40 was reorganised:

Stab IV./KG40
10./KG40 from 17./KG40
11./KG40 (old)
12./KG40 (old)
13./KG40 new (1.1.44)

On 12.7.44 redesignated Ergänzungs-Kampfgruppe 177

Reformed 6.11.44 in Neuburg from Ergänzungs-Kampfgruppe 177 with:

Stab IV./KG40 from Stab/ErgKGr 177
10./KG40 from 1./ErgKGr 177
11./KG40 from 2./ErgKGr 177
12./KG40 from 3./ErgKGr 177

On 22.1.45 redesignated II./EKG (J):

Stab IV./KG40 became Stab II./EKG (J)
10./KG40 became 5./EKG (J)
11./KG40 became 6./EKG (J)
12./KG40 became 7./EKG (J)


V. Gruppe:


* at times acting commander between 1.7.42 and 13.11.43

13./KG40 was formed in 8.42 at Nantes, with Ju 88C fighters. The rest of the Gruppe was formed 1.43 at Kerlin-Bastard:

Stab V./KG40 new
14./KG40 new
15./KG40 from 10./KG40

Remained there during its existence (Fl. Fü. Atlantik), with detachments at Bordeaux-Merignac and Cognac. Only used Ju 88C fighters.

A 16./KG40 was formed in 8.43. In 10.43 redesignated I./ZG1:

Stab V./KG40 became Stab I./ZG1
13./KG40 became 1./ZG1
14./KG40 became 2./ZG1
15./KG40 became 3./ZG1
16./KG40 became 9./ZG1

A Nachtjagdstaffel/KG40 existed in 1943 at Bordeaux-Merignac (Kommando Kunkel). Used Ju 88C fighters. Disbanded 7.44.

Flughafenbetriebskompanien der KG40

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