Kommando Nowotny


Formed 26.9.44 in Achmer and Hesepe with:

Stab/Kommando Nowotny from Stab III./ZG26
1./Kommando Nowotny from 9./ZG26
2./Kommando Nowotny from 8./ZG26
3./Kommando Nowotny new

Attained operational status on 3.10.44 with about 40 Me 262A-1a interceptors.

On 19.11.44 redesignated III./JG7:

Stab/Kommando Nowotny became Stab III./JG7
1./Kommando Nowotny became 9./JG7
2./Kommando Nowotny became 10./JG7
3./Kommando Nowotny became 11./JG7


1997-2003 Michael Holm