Jagdgruppe Losigkeit


Formed 14.2.42 in Jever, to protect a group of warships moving to Norway, with:

Stab/Jagdgruppe Losigkeit new
1./Jagdgruppe Losigkeit from 8./JG1
2./Jagdgruppe Losigkeit from 2./JG1
3./Jagdgruppe Losigkeit from Einsatzstaffel JFS 1

Disbanded 20.3.42:

Stab/Jagdgruppe Losigkeit was disbanded
1./Jagdgruppe Losigkeit became 8./JG1
2./Jagdgruppe Losigkeit became 2./JG1
3./Jagdgruppe Losigkeit became Einsatzstaffel JFS 1


1997-2003 Michael Holm