Jagdgeschwader 51 "Mölders"



Formed 25.11.39 in Münster-Loddenheide. Disbanded 28.4.45.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Bad Aibling from I./JG233 with:

Stab I./JG51 from Stab I./JG233
1./JG51 from 1./JG233
2./JG51 from 2./JG233
3./JG51 from 3./JG233

On 25.6.44 2./JG51 moved to Germany, where it joined IV./JG3, becoming 16./JG3 on 10.8.44. In 1.45 I./JG51 was increased to 4 staffeln:

1./JG51 unchanged
2./JG51 was formed in Danzig-Langfuhr (15.1.45)
3./JG51 unchanged
4./JG51 was formed (24.1.45)

II./JG51 was disbanded 23.4.45 (4./JG51 was probably never fully formed).


* 3./JG51 at Speyer (1.9.39 - 22.9.39) and Eutingen (22.9.39 - 1.11.39)

** Orel was also used

*** Kirowograd was also used

II. Gruppe:


Formed 16.10.39 in Fürstenfeldbruck with:

Stab II./JG51 new (1.11.39)
4./JG51 from 2./JG71
5./JG51 from Reservestaffel/JG71
6./JG51 from parts of 4. and 5./JG51 (5.11.39)

On 26.11.42 6./JG51 became Stabsstaffel/JG51, and a new 6./JG51 was formed from 3./JG1. 11./JG26 was absorbed at the same time.

On 15.8.44 II./JG51 was reorganised:

5./JG51 unchanged
6./JG51 unchanged
7./JG51 from the old 4./JG51

The 4th staffel, 8./JG51, began forming in 3.45, but the whole Gruppe was disbanded on 12.4.45.


* 6./JG51 at Dinant, 26.5.40 - 1.6.40

** Dugino was used as a forward airfield

*** detachments at Cagliari-Monserato and Senorbia

**** II./JG51 was based at several bases around Sofia at this time, except 5./JG51 which was based at Athens-Kalamaki (31.5.44 - 27.6.44), at Gaddura (27.6.44 - 5.7.44) and at Kastelli/Crete (5.7.44 - 8.44). A small detachment of 5./JG51 was also based at Scutari/Albania ( 10.6.44 - 14.6.44).

III. Gruppe:


Formed 4.7.40 in St. Omer from I./JG20 with:

Stab III./JG51 from Stab I./JG20
7./JG51 from 1./JG20
8./JG51 from 2./JG20
9./JG51 from 3./JG20

On 25.6.44 7./JG51 moved to Germany, where it joined II./JG1, and on 15.8.44 became 8./JG1.

On 15.8.44 III./JG51 was reorganised:

9./JG51 unchanged
10./JG51 from the old 8./JG51
11./JG51 formed 15.1.45 in Danzig-Langfuhr
12./JG51 new

12./JG51 was disbanded 24.4.45.


* 9./JG51 at Denain, 2.10.40 - 7.10.40

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 21.11.40 in Marquise from I./JG77 with:

Stab IV./JG51 from Stab I./JG77
10./JG51 from 1./JG77
11./JG51 from 2./JG77
12./JG51 from 3./JG77

On 25.6.44 12./JG51 moved to Germany, where it joined I./JG302, and on 15.8.44 became 4./JG302.

On 15.8.44 IV./JG51 was reorganised:

13./JG51 from the old 10./JG51
14./JG51 from the old 11./JG51
15./JG51 formed 1.11.44 in Modlin

The 4th staffel, 16./JG51, was never formed.




Formed 10.40 in Cazaux as Erg.Sta./JG51. On 5.3.41 increased to Erg.Gruppe with 2 staffeln:

Stab of Ergänzungsgruppe/JG51 new
1. Einsatzstaffel/JG51 new
2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG51 from Erg.Sta./JG51

Disbanded 2.42:

Stab of Ergänzungsgruppe/JG51 became Stab/EJGr.Ost
1. Einsatzstaffel/JG51 became 12./JG1
2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG51 became 1./EJGr.Ost


15. (span.)/JG51:


Formed 21.6.42 in Orel from 15. (Span.)/JG27. Disbanded 28.2.44.




Formed 1.7.42 in Deblin-Irena (also known as 13.(Pz)/JG51). On 18.10.43 redesignated 14.(Pz.)/SG9.


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